Encourage Kids to Play Multiple Sports!

There is too much evidence out there that supports exactly what they are talking about in the article below.

Don’t let your kids specialize in one sport until they are well into their teens!



Tips for coaching and communicating with younger athletes

coach communicating with young hockey players

It may seem obvious that athletes of different ages will require different styles of instruction, motivation, and even communication, but what does that really mean?  Let’s break it down.

After years of working with older teens, I started working with much younger children.  The difference was staggering and, though I had years of experience working with kids, I felt like I was brand new and clueless.  I had to adapt and improve upon everything, right down to how I communicated with them.  Here is what I learned and some tips to help streamline your path to success.

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Nearly a crisis in youth sports


Keep kids in the game! It is their game.

Some of these stories are unreal!  Every day we have to remind ourselves what this is about and what a HUGE responsibility we have.


Parenting Athletes in a Social World

Parents… We need to be more educated with this stuff and the effects on our aspiring athletes.


Great stuff from Coach K


What it is all about!

A great reminder that there is a bigger picture when it comes to coaching our youth.


Private Lesson Tips for Coaches

Here are some things to think about as a coach giving lessons in any sport really, not just tennis.


Dryland Training Hockey Workout – The Fartlek

Here is a great dryland training workout for hockey players of all ages.  The Fartlek builds endurance, leg strength, leg explosiveness, and stamina.  It uses a series of lunges and speed skating exercises combined with intervals of jogging.